A one-on-one, 6-month crash course to kick-start more sustainable leadership.

​Servant Leadership


The Servant Leadership Bootcamp is a 6-month, individually-tailored coaching curriculum designed to help you clarify your values, immerse yourself in servant leadership, and permanently transform your understanding of yourself as a leader.
Together, we'll assess where you are, determine where you want to be, and design a strategy for getting you there as efficiently and effectively as possible.

​Who Should Apply

  • You're new or only abstractly familiar with the theory of servant leadership.

  • You'd like to practice a more fundamentally-transformative leadership style but have serious concerns about whether servant leadership is applicable within your environment.

  • You're a seasoned professional who has come to the realization that you could be a more effective leader if you had clear vision of what to do differently.

  • You're a recently-promoted manager or director who will be faced with acting as a supervisor, mentor, or team lead for the first time.

  • You've lost your sense of purpose and are struggling to re-engage with your team and what it is you set out to do.

​Who Should NOT Apply

  • You're so afraid to make mistakes that you aren't willing to take on the risk in trying something new.

  • You believe you can change your results without fundamentally changing yourself. You aren't committed to investing the time, effort or in the challenging self-reflection that genuine, foundational change requires.

The servant leader, by definition, sees individual persons as human beings, striving to support them "in ways that require dedication and skill and that help them grow and become healthier, stronger, and more autonomous."   

– Robert K. Greenleaf

  • Twelve 90-minute, guided, co-creative coaching sessions

  • A tailored approach to you, your environment, and your goals so that you can master what you're learning through application and iteration

  • A curated, evolving curriculum that will immerse you in the principles and practice of servant leadership. Both unabridged texts and annotated outlines are provided.

  • An in-depth appraisal of where your current behaviors succeed and where they break down.

  • An assessment of your character strengths by way of the VIA Character Strengths Profile, a premier, scientifically-validated pathway to help individuals improve their lives, work and relationships.

  • Exploration and clarification of the values that guide your life and how they can be applied to your leadership.

  • Apply new ideas and strategies within the immediate context of your day-to-day life.

  • Raise your emotional intelligence and improve your resilience. Better manage the personal and organizational upheaval characteristic of innovation and change.

  • Discover the link between your increased effectiveness and your team's trust, coherence and success.


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​If what you need right now is a single coaching session to get past an obstacle, formulate a strategy or break out of a rut, book a 2-hour break-out session.


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12 guided, co-creative sessions

(60–90 minutes each)

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Weekly Accountability

Unlimited phone/email access for crisis/breakthrough events


3 payments

12 guided, co-creative sessions

(60–90 minutes each)

Biweekly sessions & accountability

Ongoing email access for crisis/breakthrough events

$1185 deposit +

2 payments of $385

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.   – Francis of Assissi