For successful leaders looking to surpass the status quo.

​Serve First

Leadership Coaching

"When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.”

John M. Richardson Jr.

You're aware—or have recently been reminded—of all the research demonstrating the overwhelming impact coaching has on executive self-awareness.


You want to build on your success by means of honest assessment, accountability and targeted professional development.

You're already familiar with the principles of servant leadership and strive to incorporate it into your personal and professional mission.

You're in the right place.


Serve First Leadership Coaching is an effective and efficient way to retool the complex set of personal behaviors we call leadership. We will reevaluate your approach, develop new strategies, practice and refine them, and improve your effectiveness.
​​This is not a static program; there is no pre-established curriculum.
You will share your vision.
I will provide honest and compelling insight, reestablish clarity and direction, and remind you of who you are when you're leading yourself and others with conviction and courage.


We'll make use of the following as appropriate:


We'll spend our time:

Psychological, Personality and Leadership Assessments (with a focus on behaviors, values and emotional intelligence);

Identifying the distinct elements of your personality and their effect on others, including your gender, communication style, and psychological preferences;

Strategic Planning—for your career, your business and your life;

Exploring where your personal and professional goals intersect and co-creating a blueprint for holistic purpose and fulfillment;

Long Term Goal Orientation, including monthly objectives and a quarterly accountability review;

Targeting areas for growth and outlining step-by-step programs for achieving it;

Realignment with Servant Leadership Principles and other closely-related approaches, including Authentic and Transformational Leadership concepts.

Challenging those beliefs that reinforce counterproductive habits and behaviors and clearing the way for deep-seated change and a powerful, personal mission to take root.


With effort and commitment, you can expect:

  • Heightened Focus

  • Increased Clarity

  • Improved Decision-Making

  • Decreased Stress

  • Greater Purpose

Remember, a professional coach is potentially the only person you interact with who is independent, impartial, objective and who has a single focused agenda: your success.  


6 Months

For leaders new to coaching

12 guided, co-creative sessions

(60–90 minutes each)

Weekly Accountability

Ongoing email access for crisis and breakthrough events


(Payment Plans Available)

12 Months

For leaders who prioritize consistent improvement

24 guided, co-creative sessions

(90–120 minutes each)

Weekly Accountability

Unlimited phone/email access for crisis/breakthrough events


(Payment Plans Available)

Confidence is contagious. Transform your approach, serve with courage, and rediscover what it feels like when others look to you for leadership not because they're supposed to—because they want to.